Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So for those of you that don't know yet...I took a test yesterday that finally confirmed that I am pregnant. I have been thinking that I might be for about 2 months now but the tests just kept coming up negative. Well Tuesday night I kept dreaming about someone taking a pregnancy test and it coming up positive and then I woke up sick the next morning. I decided to take my test and sure showed up just like the tests did it my dream. It was kinda cool and VERY exciting. Trever was/is so excited. He just smiles from ear to ear any time we talk about it. He was telling Emma that we are going to have a baby but accidentally said "boyby"! Is was funny. I just turned around and said "well I guess we know what you want this time." He just started laughing and turned back to Emma. I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow to find out our due date and to see how far along we are. I will let you know what we find out. 
Sorry the picture is a little hard to see. My phone doesn't take very good pictures and our camera needs some fixing!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I was in the middle of doing all (ok so I really just started it) my laundry yesterday when all of a sudden my dryer stopped working. It wouldn't do anything but make this funny noise every time we tried to start it. I ended up hang drying a lot of our clothes but eventually just took them over to my mom's house and used her dryer. I am so glad that I have family nearby that I can call on whenever we need anything. This poor old dryer that we have/had has been through a lot. We got it cheap(FREE) from a neighbor when we didn't have one to start with. 
Let us know if you know of anyone that is getting rid of their old dryer or if you know of any cheap places where we can get one. We would really appreciate it. =D

Thursday, April 9, 2009


It was our two year anniversary this past Tuesday! It isn't really that long to be together but I am very glad that we made the choice to be together for all eternity. We had the opportunity to go to the temple and partake of the sweet spirit there. I love being there. We took a minute to ourselves and sat in the room we were sealed in. What a sweet blessing it is to know that we are going to be together forever. I am so grateful for the gospel and all of the peace and love it has brought into our home!

Trever and Adrianna

Trever and Adrianna

The Murri's

We were married April 7, 2007, in Hurricane, Utah, and were later sealed in the St. George Temple. It was August 9, 2008, to be exact. It was the happiest day of our lives. We had our beautiful baby girl August 28, 2007, and had the opportunity to take her to be sealed with us. We are living in Hurricane, UT. Trever is working at S & S Steel while I am lucky enough to stay at home with Emma! Trever is a wonderful support and we are now looking forward to spending forever with each other.

Emma in her shades!