Monday, August 31, 2009


2 years old as of Friday the 28th!
These past two years have gone by way too fast! When did my little baby girl start growing up?! They say to cherish the moment but man...! I feel so blessed to have our sweet little Emma in our family! She keeps us busy and always on our toes!
These are Emma's pretty princess shoes that she got for her birthday(minus the pink pair)!! If anyone knows Emma they will know about her shoe fetish! SHE LOVES HER SHOES!!
She also got a set of building blocks, two outfits from mommy and daddy, a teddy bear from Aunt Dani and Uncle Trent, a princess vanity mirror and chair set from Aunt Angie, Uncle Ramsey and cousins, a primary tape set from Aunt Stacy and the boys, and two dollars from Grandma and Grandpa Murri(Trev's granparents)!
We had a little family birthday party for her this year! My side of the family wasn't able to make it except for Dani because they were all out of town but Trev's side came out and had dinner, cake and ice cream with us! It was a lot of fun! Emma just ADORES Grandpa Murri(GENE) and her uncle CHAD!!! It made her day to have them at her house since we are usually at their house! We also invited the Bonewells(our neighbors) over! Their son Oakley is Emma's best buddy! She LOVED having him over.
So Emma was born with Daddy completely wrapped her little finger. After two years....DADDY IS STILL WRAPPED!! She loves him almost as much as he loves her! They are so fun to watch together! I sure do LOVE them both!! <3


We went in for our ultrasound on the 18th to find out what we are having! Its another little girl! YAY! Emma is going to have a baby sister!
So this first picture is of her head and stomach, and the second is of her little girly parts and her butt and legs!
Dr. Benham was having a really hard time getting this picture to find out what the sex is so he wants to do another ultrasound just to make sure. That is a big comfort to me to know that he wants to double check! I am such a planner and would so be stressing it if I was expecting a girl and it came out a boy! I know it happens but OH BOY!! I would freak! I am totally loving the thought of having another girl! We are totally set with all of the girl clothes and everything! Girls are so much fun!!! I am so excited to be having this baby! The pregnancy has been so easy and I am loving it! My stomach has been a little more sore than I ever was with Emma but I am just ignoring that little bit of it! Emma is always hugging and kissing my belly! She is so cute! I am excited to actually get this baby here and having Emma actually see her and play with her! She loves little babies!
We were watching Dora the Explorer this was about Dora becoming a big sister! I asked Emma if she was going to be a big sister and she looks at me and just smiles! About 5 minutes later she looks at me again and says, "Mom, I a big fifter!" LOL!! She is having a hard time with her S's so it was just so cute! I LOVE HER TO PIECES!!!
So after talking about names and changing our mind a million times we finally decided what to name this little girl!

Trever and Adrianna

Trever and Adrianna

The Murri's

We were married April 7, 2007, in Hurricane, Utah, and were later sealed in the St. George Temple. It was August 9, 2008, to be exact. It was the happiest day of our lives. We had our beautiful baby girl August 28, 2007, and had the opportunity to take her to be sealed with us. We are living in Hurricane, UT. Trever is working at S & S Steel while I am lucky enough to stay at home with Emma! Trever is a wonderful support and we are now looking forward to spending forever with each other.

Emma in her shades!