Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've been having a lot of problems with my Mirena IUD! Everytime I go to the bathroom I start bleeding and then get SEVERE cramps about a half hour later. It makes me really sick to my stomache and makes me want to lay in bed all day. I called the doctor and he has been wanting me to keep an eye on it for a few weeks. I have been contimplating taking it out, but am afraid to get pregnant right off. We can't really afford any other birth control right now. ANY SUGGESTIONS??


Bevin Albright said...

It might just not be in the right place. You should go to the doctor and see if they can check to make sure its in the right position. If you haven't had problems with it the entire time until now,its probably not the actual birth control that is making you cramp and sick, but just where it is. Also, if it is the hormones that are in the Mirena then you might want to try the copper IUD instead. That is what I have and I love it. I didn't want to get the Mirena because I was afraid of gaining weight since more hormone containing birth controls did that to me. Its just as effective without any added hormones, and it lasts longer.

Hubers said...

Condoms... That's what we have had to use.. If you get pregnant, the Lord will provide, if you don't you don't.. :) That's how we are taking it.. One day at a time! Good luck!

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Trever and Adrianna

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